Random Thoughts


We are tearing thru the mix process of our debut album titled “Kain and Able” the days roll on and on like freight train to nowhere. New songs being written over the past few weeks, Mathew poring on the tasty guitar licks. The official date of release of Kain and Able is still not set. We’ve suffered one delay after another; sometimes it really gets to us. Walk thru the trees, the magnificent palms that are so prevalent in south Florida. In the dead of the night you can hear them whisper. The ocean brings the warm breeze off the Atlantic. The moonlight flickers over the water and drowns out the noise of the storm raging in my mind.

Taking our acoustic guitars down to the oceans late night and playing Kain and Able tunes to the ocean, the audience is surreal and overwhelming. Playing to this body of water, the biggest and most powerful thing on the planet. It’s impossible to explain what it feels like.

We keep drifting into new songs; they seem to come out of nowhere. With thoughts of anger, love, jealousy, sexual fantasy and the depths of human depravity. These thoughts seem to come simultaneously with the music itself. Sometimes it seems like the songs are already done. We just tap into them and try to interpret as best we can. That may sound like we have lost our minds. Maybe we have. Kain and Able is an enigma anyway. Definitely not a “Christian” group. But some songs reference the spiritual. Sometimes-hardcore rock & blues, with not so subtle references to sexual energy. Then sometimes gentle acoustic songs of love, loss and spirituality. Everything is on the table.

J. Thomas Edward 1/8/2013

Kain and Able

What are random thoughts? I don’t know really, just what floats in and out of the mind at any particular time. Kain and Able throws down the gauntlet on the dragon that’s haunted our minds for way to long. Words and music get eaten like grapes off the vine in late spring roaming thru the Russian River. The sound sinks into the depths of my soul. Guitar off in a distance, a melody like none before. Kain and Able romanced the music like nomads on the desolate hills of Haute-Provence without a single tree.

You can’t hear me can you? You can’t hear me whisper you can’t hear me scream?  No empty space is large enough to hold the storm raging in the mind.  Why do you wander from place to place girl? What is your purpose in this? What about you boy? Have you exercised an original thought in your life? I hear the drums pounding, like the wrath of God. No man sees what he refuses to see, even though it’s right in front of him. As the songbook of Kain and Able flips from page to page. Lines of awakening, lines of desperation. Hollow, shallow, empty, ugly feelings of nothingness.

Kain and Able comes from out of nowhere out of the recesses of the mind of two souls falling through the chatter. I miss my friend, lost to suicide. That selfish ugly act. Yet I feel only love. Will you indulge me while I wander through these random thoughts?

J Thomas Edward